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After finishing a PhD and a postdoc project (in kidney physiology), I decided to switch to science writing. This happened in 1996 and I have never regretted this step. Currently, I combine a half-time job as Science Writer at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen with freelance work in my own one-man company Scientific Dutchman.

As Scientific Dutchman I write about science for a newspaper (Nederlands Dagblad), magazines and web sites. I also provide editorial support, especially for grant applications. Grant proposals should read like a good story! My aim is to help you to tell the story of the research you would like to do. I have also designed a workshop for (junior) scientists, The Art of Scientific Storytelling, which explains how to write your grant proposal. This workshop is suitable for groups up to about 30 participants.A second workshop, Reach Out, teaches the basics of writing science stories for a lay audience.

On this website, you can read what I do on the different pages in the menu above. I have helped clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the US. Feel free to contact me!

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