The foundation of Scientific Dutchman lies in science journalism. Almost daily, I write short science news items for the Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad. I also write science features or cover breaking science news, and review popular science books. And to do all this, I follow developments in international science news closely.

On a less frequent basis, I contribute to magazines like  De Nieuwe Koers (opinion), BioNieuws (biology) or De Ingenieur (engineering). I also write news items for the web site Geloof en Wetenschap (science and faith). This is, of course, all in Dutch. But in my job as Science Writer for the Univerity of Groningen, I do write in English. The science stories on the Science LinX news pages are all written by me (unless otherwise signed).

I’m a biologist by training, but I write on the entire spectrum of science and humanities – although most of the stuff I write is on science. I love to explain complex matter in a way that makes them understandable to a general audience. I love science – but I also realize there is also quite a bit of low-quality stuff out there. So a rigorous selection of stories is important.

At the border between science journalism and science communication, I do write for the occasional brochure or sponsored magazine on science projects. And for example this journalistic report on a symposium organized by the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

If needed, I can work quite fast. Deadlines just make me work more focussed. After all, news is only news when it is quite fresh! My thorough background knowledge in many aspects of science and current research themes allow me to get the work done.